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Affiliate tools

Affiliate Platform

We proudly present access to our Affiliates software, profesionally designed and easy-to-use.
It is suited by design to every marketing aspect of your endeavor.

Seamless Links

Seamless Links will turn all of your links to retailers. A bit of Javascript takes care of all the hassle,
saving you affiliate marketing inconveniences so you can focus on generating content.

Pixel Manager

The Pixel Manager allows you place pixels for your campaign and sites.
You can easily manage multiple pixels at a time.

Banner Customizer

Customizing banners is as simple as making a few clicks.

Web Services

You’ll have a single place where you can turn the chaos of statistical flow,
creative materials, web pages and trackings into order.

Postback URL

Receive a HTTP request for every conversion you register.


Add price comparisons to your page with this beautiful little tool, and showcase
the top-selling products by category. Make your catalogs stand out with style.

Redirecting Software

Accurately target users all over the globe.


With OptimizerPro, you can match traffic to profit-generating landing pages.

Google Adwords Keywords

The most prominent of GAK’s roster of useful features has to be the traffic estimator.
With it, you can visualize search traffic for a category: a potentially crucial difference in your niche.

Publishers tools

Special tools: Content Locker

  • Link Locker
  • Product Locker
  • Postback Services
  • Smart Link
  • Pixel Manager
  • Banner Rotator
  • API Campaign Feeds & Reporting
  • Email Notification
  • Expired Campaign API Checker
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform